Towards a GeeksHive philosophy


GeeksHive values

The proposed values from GeeksHive Community compose a general body of “ideal” expectations to a group of people working together in order to serve a definite purpose. These values can not always be measured or applied directly for they imply a personal adoption on behalf of their participants, who have particular life experiences and different ways to interpret and accomplish them. To GeeksHive values are an inspiring horizon, a group of ideals to attain, a place to draw upon in moments of doubt or trouble, an organic body of guidelines that give form to the steps of a human group and favor its performance in concord and spiritual coherence

It is a GeeksHive policy that its values are always subject to discussion and interpretation. For that reason, they were defined having in mind highly significant general aspects to guarantee an appropriate functioning of the model, both in its technical and social aspects giving a global feature potentially applicable to every case. The effort is to find out whether they may be related to specific or technical subjects, and, what´s more important, whether they are useful tools to take the best from us and from our community partners.

Values broadcasting within GeeksHive, as well as sense community consolidation, imply a large training and redefinition work. It will always be a way that allows us to pass from ideal definitions to concrete and observable praxis.

During the IV Community Conferences carried out on April, 2008 the thematic move around the following topic: The Importance of Values in the establishment of community work models. There could be settled some of the key principles of our community.


Community values

“Today, in these annual Conferences which are so important to our community, the challenge will be dreaming a Geek identity equal to our model. Dreaming the future is currently an essential part of our job. Let´s speak with that belief.”

Sebastián Borrás
Model Director and founding member of GeeksHive International Community Conferences Opening Argentine, April 2008


Change and change again
Tendency to constant reinvention »

Challenge yourself
Búsqueda de nuevos obstáculos »

Cultivate your curiosity
Inspect the world with the only purpose of knowledge »

Don´t repeat yourself
Exploitation of time as a supreme value »

Steady yourself in your fellowmen
The importance of belonging »

Live passionately
There´s nothing better than doing what you like »

Keep it simple
Easiness and simplicity planning processes »

Imagine yourself indispensable
Sense of irreplaceableness »

Do it right
The value of quality »

Identify limits
The power of limits »

Don´t buy, don´t sell: satisfy!
Expansiveness of commercial spirit »

Be clear
Integrity and open-mind »

IInnovate oneself, innovate yourself, to innovate. Innovation as an ultimate value »

Don´t betray yourself
The importance of being true to yourself »