A professional career with multiple benefits


If you decide to become a certified Geek of the GeeksHive´s community you will obtain multiple professional, corporate, social and economic benefits. To bring it to you the Model has developed a Belonging and Participation Scale that will allow growing and expanding in a geometrical way, month by month, year by year.

GeeksHive is what you were waiting: the opportunity of practicing your specialty and earning money for that, gathering unique advantages to your family and clients.

In the following, we will describe you in detail what it is about.



EThis instructional text contains information about initial certification and recertification in compliance with BPS (Belonging and Participation Scale) intended to people interested in becoming active agents of the GeeksHive model. It is obtained through “application” and technical and psychological evaluations according to established policies to Program Partnership certifications..


1. The Scale

GeeksHive´s Belonging and Participation Scale is founded on the generation of aspirational benefits that allow certified Geeks to professionalize their services and to favor positive internalization of the model´s parameters on the part of market and society.

To achieve that, the following degrees in levels of Belonging and Participation are proposed by BPS:

1 Stage: Junior Geek/ By means of admission and permanence evaluation
2 Stage: Senior Geek/ By means of certification
3 Stage: Master Geek/ By means of certification
4 Stage: King Geek / By means of certification


2. Admission and permanence stage of Geeks in the GeeksHive model

Belonging and Participation stage aims at evaluating personal condition and interests of applicants to GeeksHive model. Such appraisal will be bound to the following issues:

  • Having a valid reference code, obtained by the reference of an active member of the community.
  • Being successfully registered at Certification application will automatically render a pending authorization in Hive´s extranet corresponding to the place of residence of the applicant (according to the established areas by GeeksHive). The system will send a user and a password to enter to the extranet, defining him/her as a candidate to Junior Geek or Referral by a Geek according to the case.
  • Applying the basic psychological profile questionnaire to certification which may be filled in from the extranet.
  • Passing the Certification Test which may be taken from the extranet.
  • Accreditation of IT knowledge and preference.
  • Proving proper knowledge in the use of extranet (Official Manual of Use –OMU).
  • Acceptance of the terms established for the Belonging and Participation Scale.
  • Embrace of the technical and community values proposed to the GeeksHive model.
  • Compliance of the Ethics Code established for the GeeksHive model.


3. Technical process to be admitted with Junior Geek certification

  • Fill the knowledge and interests questionnaire proposed by the Program Partnership (PP).
  • Passing the evaluation of technical usage of extranet.
  • Acceptance of the conditions established to the GeeksHive Community. It will imply adhering to values, technical uses, particular qualities of the operation and of the hierarchical managerial organization and of the Ethics code.

4. Requirements to keep the Junior Geek certification

  • Having the Handicap established for Junior Geek´s cases.
  • Having at least a new Customer Review a month.
  • Looking after GeeksHive´s Deontologic Code observance.


5. Geektraining. Leveling courses to GeeksHive model

Potentially admitted candidates shall perform training (with theoretical and practical evaluation) about the qualities and uses of GeeksHive model, both in its technical as well as in its cultural aspects.

Whenever it is considered necessary, candidates may get more training to guarantee that at the moment of attaining the Admission, new Geeks meet professional conditions to perform the activities included in the model.


5.1. Options for Geektraining

There are 2 ways of Geektraining dictation

a. Dictation by the PP team.
b. Dictation by specialists and certified Geeks in different institutions of the circles in which the model is operating.


6. Ascending the ladders of Belonging and Participation

The BPS, may be guided by the following indexes and parameters for Senior, Master and King Certifications:

  • Handicap.
  • Carrying out Customer Review.
  • Technical training taken and certified.
  • Technical training taken within the model.
  • Amount of Geeks brought to the model.
  • Level of identifications with brand values and Ethics Code.
  • Defense of the Ethics Code of the GeeksHive Model.
  • Testimonial transmission within the model.
  • Participating in activities of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Partners review (consensus opinions).



It is an index of management quality which is obtained entering and making effective use of extranet system. The more it is used the better the Handicap scores will be.

Customer Review

Geeks willing to ascend in the BPS will have to accredit certain amount of CR according to certified degree.

Technical training taken and certified

Geeks will have the free chance to take specific and certified trainings concerning the associated trademarks, technical or general knowledge, model usage and community values.

Such trainings will be dictated by:

  • The PP team.
  • Trademarks/ vendors.
  • GeeksHive members.
  • Institutions or professionals oriented to IT or another branches of knowledge.


Such trainings will get a score designated by PP according to:

  • Impact of training in the service delivered by the Geek.
  • Impact of training in technical operation of the model.
  • Impact of training in social operation of the model.
  • Impact of training in cultural baggage of the Geek.
  • Possibility of transmit within the community the knowledge acquired.


Geeks aspiration to another ladder of the BPS will be facilitated by an already established score by PP in relation to certified trainings taken.

Technical trainings taken within the model

To aspire to another ladder or keep the current certification, Geeks will have to get points for their technical or human trainings brought within the community.

EThese trainings will be assigned, regulated, planned and supervised by PP which will be in charge of the assignation of scores according to gender and impact.

Amount of Geeks brought to the system

In addition to activities connected to the use of extranet, Geeks will be able to work actively in the recruitment and permanence of GeeksHive members.

The amount of Geeks brought to the system, as well as the amount of retentions favored will allow them to attain benefits, earn money and add points which will enable them to aspire to new certifications.

Level of identifications with brand values and Ethics Code.

Compromising with brand values, the Ethics Code and the community it represents, is also a parameter which will enable them to aspire to new BPS ladders.

These points evaluations is undertook by PP which will also supervise the regular performance of the applicant Geek to certifications.

Testimonial transmission within the model.

Internal operation of the model, recruitment, as well as moving into new marketplaces need testimonial work from the part of Geeks located in superior ladders of BPS. To these ends, PP states as a certification requirement scores for testimonials performed.

Participating in activities of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

To undertake certain CSR activities GeeksHive community will need the collaboration of Geeks located in different grades of the BPS.

The contribution of Geeks will restore benefits and will be scored by PP to future certifications.

Partners Review (consensus opinions)

Partners Review is one of the tools PP relies on to evaluate integration aspects of Geeks to the GeeksHive community. Other Geeks ´opinions about their peers will be an essential element of internal regulation of the community and its strength and identification in time both in an intercontextual and intracontextual way.

Geeks will be able to ascend the BPS as long as they have consensus of other referents of the community, belonging to their degree and to the one they aspire.


7. Aspirations that motivate new certifications

The BPS is intended to be a progress scale that conducts Geeks to achieve better places within their community.

So, as they achieve new certifications they gain several development possibilities for themselves and their careers. They may acquire, among many others, the following benefits: .

a. A work source where they can develop their specialty and earn money carrying out commercial and service activities facilitated by an innovative and profitable technological model.

b. Getting into a community in which you will be able to share: knowledge, friendship, activities, business, etc, finding a place of social containment and personal/professional growth.

c. Economic awards due to:

Sales indexes according to the certification possessed.
Adding new Geeks to the community.
Favoring drops in attrition indexes due to retention acts.
Being an active participant of the community.
Bringing training inside and outside the community.


8. Certification attainment

Geeks may adjudge themselves to be in condition to aspire to a new BPS ladder. In this case, PP will begin an inquiry to determine the role the Geek has played in the community and a review of the attained or maintained scores in an immediate preceding period.

During the certification period, Geeks will put themselves at the disposal of PP to any issue related to the collection of information and discharge evaluation, bringing any data that might contribute to the desired promotion.

TOnce the process is finished, Geeks will obtain their diploma and new designation together with a program of development goals and associated benefits.


9. Cases of certification denial or revocation

PP reserves the right of denying or removing certifications depending on evaluations performed or political-cultural decisions made.

Some causes may be:

  • Serious deficit in the technical model use or in community values broadcasting.
  • Lack of commitment and participation
  • Violation or omission of GeeksHive Community Deontologic Code.
  • A definite time of permanence in the model without new certifications pursuit.
  • Others.


10. GURU GEEK. An honorific title

GURU GEEK is a honoris causa title given by GeeksHive community to Geeks with an outstanding background both among the community as well in corporate technological life. GURU GEEKS are people with high professional quality and experience who bring vision to the model.

Being regard as GURU GEEK means being an inspiring leader to every member of GeeksHive community. It is a title that recognizes background, commitment and wisdom reached by the community members.

GURU GEEKS take part into the most transcendental vision debates of the model, bringing ideas and macroeconomic, technological, sociological and corporate perspectives.

GURU GEEK is the ideal and supreme degree within GeeksHive. They are our guides and role models.


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