Be clear
Integrity and open-mind

By: Ulises Beltram
GeeksHive International Hive Director

The GeeksHive model considers that every system has to be open, seeking to consolidate technical tools and human resources fitting clearness and transparency parameters.

The GeeksHive model doesn´t accept ambiguous or contradictory processes. When the technological tools have to be implemented by human beings, the risk of ambiguous applications is always present. To minimize them, GeeksHive has defined an exhaustive manual of certification and implementation control.

In accordance to this, the Geek is somebody honest and clear in his way of thinking and behave. He is capable of open his operative system and let other Geeks in to help him solve obstacles and face situations. His convictions and personal securities allow him to loosen his defenses and dare to count on his peers. In reverse sense, the Geek is incapable of acting deliberately to the detriment of another Geek; if by any uncontrollable reason he does it, he will always be willing to acknowledge it openly and remedy with positive acts and attitudes.

The Geek doesn´t know about ill feelings or resentments, beyond the interpretation of facts he knows that feelings of that kind stop his spiritual evolution and doesn’t allow him to focus on his specialties. Resentment is like a virus that obstruct and destroys natural indictments, the Geek protects himself from such feelings.


April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences