Live passionately
There´s nothing better than doing what you like

By: B. Psy. Vïctor E. Cáceres
GeeksHive International Marketing Director and Founding Member

Passion, in the case of GeeksHive, is a feeling, an intense emotion the Geek senses when he spends his time performing tasks that please him. The Geek can not project himself passionately to the world if he is forced to perform tasks he is not concerned with.

Passion and vocation are tendencies that go together and feedback each other. It is only posible to feel passion for something enjoyed, with that the Geek feels he was born to. Only what you enjoyed can ignite passion.

Passion leads to those who feel it to devote themselves completely to the activities they perform, filling them with emotivity and energy. A passionate Geek expresses and transmits his state to each thing he does, and can not conceive his life away from the power and expansion of this feeling.


April, 2008
GeeksHhive International Community Conferences