Statement for the GeeksHive model

Winter, 2008



GeeksHive Community is a global corporate organization that seeks through the usage of new digital technologies to develop the biggest group of IT specialist technicians on the planet. In order to achieve it, GeeksHive implements its certification program to the model which implies the acquisition of knowledge, cultural values and ethical principles Geeks must abide by, share, defend and transmit to their peers.

Certification to the GeeksHive model invest whoever acquires it with the faculty to bring an specialized computer technical support, which implies, apart from knowledge and technical tools, human and social values based on collaboration, tolerance, respect for diversity, passion for technology, democratic spirit , care for nature and coexistence in global concord.

By this manifest we state and settle our Ethics Code for the practice of our career.



Article 1

This Ethics Code for the GeeksHive model is intended to serve as a conduct norm to every and all Geek in possession of active certification to the model, en the practice of their expertise without regard of the means adopted. GeeksHive community endorses it and will judge the professional practice of their certified members in compliance with it.

 Article 2

Geek's practice is governed, above all, by universal principles of coexistence and legality democratically established in the States (countries) where the GeeksHive model is developed.

 Article 3

In the practice of their careers, Geeks agree to abide by explicit and implicit laws that govern their social environment, regarding them as elements of the situation and estimating the consequences that the compliance or infringement of them may have in their professional practices.

 Article 4

Certified Geeks of GeeksHive will reject any kind of obstacles or locks related to their professional independence and the legitimate practice of their specialty, within the bound of the rights and duties defined by the present code.