Identify limits
The power of limits

By: Sebastián Borrás
GeeksHive International Model Director and Founding Member

A lot has been said about getting over limits. The capitalist world is strongly identified with ideas like: nothing is impossible.

Unlikely, the Geeks thinks that they are catch phrases that promote fallacies and that have nothing to do with the reality of the universe. In fact, because of its pompousness and arrogance they only contribute to overshadow the power of existence.

The Geek knows for sure, that there are limits impossible to cross, or at least, impossible to cross without having a high cost both physical as psychological for those who try to do it. Nevertheless, unlike what many people may believe when listening such things, the Geek considers that limits are the spinal cord in which nature bases its imminent power.

The limit crossed leaves us motionless, paralyzed, exalted in vanity and vain narcissism, reactive before the richness that brings uncertainty. Even though there are crossable limits, that bring improvements and evolution to those who get over them, there are limits that will always be unattainable, as the skyline, made to walk.

Let´s suppose that I am in front of a shop window wishing to own one of the exhibited clocks. I rest my head on the glass and recognize the first limit. It would be easy to get over it: I´d only had to break the glass, reaching out my Hand, taking care not to cut myself with the glass and taking out the piece I wanted. However, something tells me that to get over that limit, as it is presented, may carry certain consequences I should be prepared to pay. If there´s something impossible in this case, is the fact that I cannot extract the clock, just like that, without having to face legal consequences.Thanks to this, the limit may result to me a great personal stimulus. Having suspended an immediate reward, I feel now impelled to find new plausible ways to obtain it. I could get a job and save money, for example, of convince someone to give it away to me, or merely, sell something to obtain the money I need. We have many options and all of them arouse from a limit taken as such.

It is not always possible to obtain an immediate reward to my wish or need, some things require a longer path, it is the only thing that will allow me to get over it without reaching a state of starvation and in the best case, without harming myself or others. A recognized limit can impel me to live, wish and action.

Finally, a limit can be a created fiction, an interpretation, but its existence makes us think that there will always be something to achieve. Understanding to quick, needs immediate answers or instant solutions. It only helps to block the abundant and enriching flow of events.

Recognizing limits makes us stronger en what we do. A Geek´s attitude will always be:

Thanks to everything I cannot, I can always can a bit more of what I can. I can always know a bit more than what I know, and even to format everything I know.


April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences