Don´t betray yourself
The importance of being true to yourself

By: B. Psy Víctor E. Cáceres
GeeksHive International Marketing Director and Founding Member

Chosing a vocation is always a difficult and endless task, to acquire clear consciousness of what you desire and to act accordingly result existential challenges of huge magnitude, both because of the complex disposition of human beings as for the historical characteristics of the context.

GeeksHive model was developed during several years on the formulation of technical and human values that today gain importance thanks to its first formulations, based strongly in some web2.0 conceptual parameters.

More or less conscious of the events, depending on places and dates, its developers work tirelessly during 15 years in the comprehension of IT market and the implementation of procedures that bring innovative solutions to key problems, in front of which we always had mix ups, conflicts, ruptures, doubts and insecurities. Nevertheless, confident in the aspired destiny and the proclaimed vision, the model reaches these days, sustained in this kind of founding value: the idea of persevere on goals by respect to the things conquered, to confirm the loyalty before the principles assumed is the necessary and sufficient condition by which the possible turns into concrete.

Loyalty to the model and its visions, the beliefs and confidence are the King's Highway to comply everything legitimately desired.

Uncertainty about the future is threatening but fruitful. Cultivating patience allows you not to betray yourself before the option of adopting short-term solutions.

It´s not a matter of controlling everything that could happen but of taking the best profit of unavoidable things; this is the deep challenge.


April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences