Don´t buy, don´t sell: satisfy!
Expansiveness of commercial spirit

By: Nicolás Scagliola
GeeksHive International Media Director and Founding Member

The GeeksHive model allows the Geek to count on its own stock composed by over than 2.000 products, a possibility its users may take in an autonomous way. Because of that, his buying and selling need is removed to care only about the customized technical service. The Geek has erased the words buy and sell from his semantic store.

Besides, the orientation of commercial activities, as the model conceives them, is one the most cultivated values inside the community and can be expressed by using the following scale of sights and reasoning:

Our aim is not selling, we intend to satisfy our clients and satisfy us. If we work keeping in mind personal satisfaction and our client´s sales will be an unavoidable consequence.

If our goal is to satisfy, then we don´t need to be sellers: we need to be technical consultants, counselors in performances.

Our competitive advantage is not in the capacity of offering, but in the capacity of complying. Our goal is not to create demands; our goal is to create reliability. If we can make our clients rely on us, we will turn every innovation into a demand.

Our goal is not to generate a great business; our goal is to build a great corporation. If we can build a great corporation, we will certainly turn it into an excellent business.

Thus, sales are a consequence of processes and sights away from selling.


April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences