Imagine yourself indispensable
Sense of irreplaceableness

By: Favio Verdecchia
GeeksHive International Hive Director

In GeeksHive community nobody shares that universal principle of Human Resources that says: nobody is irreplaceable.

The fact that a function within a corporation or community can be performed by differente people doesn´t mean that they are easily dispensable (getting replacements or offering trainings to generate them). In the GeeksHive model every Geek is an essential pice, but not as functional figures to tasks or goals, but as integral, unique and unrepeatable human beings.

The GeeksHive model is supported by the value given and added by the Geeks with their participation and community commitment. Everyone who integrates the organization pyramid of GeeksHive is a key piece in the global operation.

Human beings possess, each one and in their time, singular non-tranferable characteristics, qualities that distinguish them from others and give them an unparalleled identity. GeeksHive is foster by the value that possessed by these singular, personal and intangible aspects (not only about functional or technical aspects).

In relation to services brought outside the community, the personal conditions and technical instruments reflect the real differential value of the model.

Geekshive will tell you:

I can replace you, but nobody will ever give me what you give, and what only you are capable of bringing to me.


April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences