Do it right
The value of quality

By: Nicolás Scagliola
GeeksHive International Media Director and Founding Member

The Geek knows that he is a key, essential, unique and unrepeatable piece of the GeeksHive model. He has everything to achieve the success he desires: a unique product in the market, a job, a family and a group of belonging with values and goals. The consolidated Geek feels that it has arrived the time of giving, being generous and returning to society everything it has directly or indirectly brought to him.

Thus, the Geek is somebody set on bringing services of his specialty, somebody worried about meeting strict parameters of quality, whose main motivation is to satisfy clients and users, but mainly, to cultivate the incomparable sensation that only things well done can bring.

The GeeksHive model approaches solutions that help to recover energy and comfort to devote to one´s specialty with the tranquility of knowing that the rest of the things is delegated in suitable hands. As GeeksHive serves security and tranquility to all of its Geeks, they focus on their professional relation and their clients´ loyalty.


April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences