Challenge yourself
Search for new obstacles

By: Sebastián Monzón
Development Director of GeeksHive International

The GeeksHive model is characterized by being permanently impelling new changes (corporate, professional, personal, technological...). The Geeks assumes this reality as a basic condition of community belonging and participation. He knows that he has chosen a very dynamic discipline and he is willing to rush towards every abiss that appear to him, eager to overcome obstacles and solve problems of his specialty, absorbing them rather than avoiding them.

For a Geek, an obstacle is a Functional Necessity, something that causes an initial and momentary stagnation that forces him to reformulate the perspectives and techniques with which he was planning to deal it.

Because of the aforesaid, in the GeeksHive model there are no mistakes, on the contrary, there are processes. The attribution of mistake only serves to overlap the real cognitive potential of the one who makes mistakes. Far from existing mistakes, they are simply natural moments in the happening of a general process, where it is necessary to incorporate different perspectives of analysis and new tools.

What ordinary people see as mistakes, the Geek interpret them as signs that he is crossing a valuable learning process, in which he will never be intimidated.

For a Geek an obstacle is always a challenge, a circumstance which brings promises of dynamism and technical and human development. For a Geek an obstacle is always an opportunity.

April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences