Change and change again
Tendency towards constant reinvention

By: B. Psy. Víctor Enrique Cáceres
Marketing Director and Founding Member of GeeksHive International

For a Geek, change is not something that happens, is something you look for, you want and need. Being a Geek means daring to think and do in everyday life, even in the smallest and inconsequential thing. The Geek choses to keep a brave and proactive attitude in the vertiginous and labile rythms of today´s world: technological, social, natural rythms and so on. The Geek knows that the new conditions demand spiritual flexibility, and he shows permeable and elastic to it, willing to understand that adaptation exigencies are a chance to get better results and not a dangerous threat to his physical or psychological integrity. The Geek is self-demanding, and keeps the freshness of a child who stills entertains himself on the inside, who seeks to play with objects of the world moving himself away from fear, laziness and insecurity, with the same seriousness, curiosity and energy of children playing, investigating tirelessly new ways of evolving and getting better versions of himself. The Geeks is someone ready to change his most arraigued habits (clothing, ways of speaking, everyday ritual...) in order to obtain progress and improvements related to everything he does, reluctant even to routine ways that give false securities and extinguish the intense brightness of life, taking off/undressing the surprise and adventure from it.

In other direction, the Geek feels that there are facts that govern his existence in a clear way, give sense of origin and draw a way of unfoldings towards future. These are the traces he considers as modellers of his personality. The Geek never forgets who he is and where he comes from, the recovery of the things lived in the past are for him the key tool in the creation of tomorrow: for himself, his family and his group of belonging. The preservation and recovery of those memories, to which the Geek puts his most intimate training down to, are an essential part of his balance as a human being. In spite of the above, the Geek is somebody who knows better than anyone that in spite of the pulsations that past experiences exert on him it will always be an interpretation created in the present. The facts of the past, as they happened, are irrecoverable. The Geek understands that history is only a way of seeing today what happened yesterday. This wisdom turns him into a real agent of change, changes for himself, for others because he knows that is really possible to change his past and his future as well as the ways in which they are interpreted and assimilated in the present. The Geek will be able to change the world as soon as he dares to the challenge of changing himself.
About how the value “Tendency towards constant change” impacts in the GeeksHive model.

The Geek (person related to the GeeksHive model and identified with the values of the brand) is somebody attentive to the progress proposed by the new technologies. The tireless search for evolution (professional, technical and human) forces him to explore new tools, which demands him, in general, to adjust the ways in which he understands and uses technology. The Geek intuits that overcoming structural Or contingent problems, ocassionaly implies the composition of new perspectives of análisis and, several times, a change in the ways of doing things. Opening to novelty and its instrumentation for change are philosophical and practical principles of the GeeksHive model.

April, 2008
GeeksHive International Community Conferences