Brazil, may 2010

The community at Furukawa´s Ibero-American Convention 2010

During May 6th and 7th at Transamerica Hotel in Comandatuba island in the state of Bahia, it was carried out the Furukawa´s Ibero-American Convention. The worldwide manufacter of fiber optic, cable and infrastructure of telecommunication networks and IT had the presence of over 450 guests among distributors and integrators.
The opening was in charge Foad Shaikhzadeh -President of the corporation- and Hiroyuki Doi – Business Director- who spoke about Mercosur´s strategy.
It was introduced the new standard 40/100Gbps, it was explained what it is and where it is applied.
The most important success integration instance in our country Case Ford Argentina in Pacheco´s plant with the implementation of SM-MM Fiber Optic type Loose indoor/outdoor developed for this project.

The road map for wires and networking 2010, Data Center solution, optical applications, solutions for industrial and health environments and world cup 2014.

On the other side, Diego Martin, Furukawa´s Business Manager revealed us the new approach of the corporation in our market, as the trainings in specific solutions, the special benefits program through its new web tool for the declaration of business opportunities and the designation of the corporation SERPROTEL ARGENTINA as training center in which the courses of different levels as Network project of optical structured wiring.

Aiming to improve, develop and reinforce the integration quality of the members of the community there have been renewed the amount of certifications given every year by the company.