Google will launch its own mobile phone to the market in 2010. It will be called Nexus One and it will be manufactured by HTC, the Taiwanese company. This smartphone will use Android, the company’s operating system.


The Federal Communications Comission has already approved the device, revealing new characteristics and giving prominence to the alliance between the operator and the search engine company. According to the FCC, it will support GSM bands ( 850 and 1900 ) and the T-Mobile 3G net.

The analysts were skeptical about Google giving this step since it is seen as a direct competence with other manufacturers, like Motorola or Sony Ericsson, that have incorporated Android, which at present has 5.4 % of the operating system market for mobile phones, according to IDC. 

For the moment, Google will distribute a version of the telephone between its employees to start the trial phase.

The business model would not be based as much in the price of the terminal as much as in the possibility of offering personalized publicity to the customer, according to the sources of the journal.

The telephone will be equipped with the operating system Android and with the searching method from images introduced by Google for its mobile operating system. The processor will be Snapdragon, of Qualcomm. It will also be equipped with voice commands and a 3.5 inch display.