There are new contents in the social network Facebook, its users will have the possibility to send small payments among them using a new application named Buxter and also using the PayPal payment system to buy all of its advertisements.



Continuing with the strategy of offering new contents, was announcing that every user of the social network Facebook will be able to send directly one another small payments using a new application named Buxter.

According to what was posted/the report, Buxter enables small transactions in euros and dollars among Facebook’s friends, even though they are working to allow other currencies in the near future.

Considering the difficulties associated with new currencies, they will have a 5% tax for the change that will be collected at the moment of using Buxter’s account.

In case you have doubts using this program, we have to point out that the company behind this application is called ClickandBuy and is know for handling an online payment service in the web.

Currently, more than 13 million people in the world use this service, and this is interesting because it is required a ClickandBuy account to use the service in Facebook.

Buxter users can receive and send money for free, but there is a commission of 1.9% or 3 dollars minimum, to send money to bank accounts.

If you are interested, we have to explain that the application was designed to make small payments, with a maximum of 50 Euros for account, and the transactions can be made only among Facebook friends.

Even though the limit can be small, the programmers say that the system is perfect to make conjunct payments on the web, such as concert tickets, food delivery or cinema tickets.


Looking to increase its incomes in a market that has become stagnant lately, PayPal has announced that it is planning to extend to social networks its domain in the online payments market.

PayPal and Facebook announced that the advertisers of the most used social network in the world will have the possibility of using the online payment system to buy all their publicities.

At the moment of confirming the agreement, the companies indicated that using PayPal instead of credit cards, smaller international companies will have more easiness to buy publicities on Facebook.

Besides, Facebook’s users will have the chance to use PayPal to buy Facebook Credits. As you know, these credits enable to buy virtual goods on the site, such as gifts or games.

Undoubtedly, this is an interesting step for both companies, considering that it is expected that the costs in publicity inside Facebook reach 605 million dollars during this year.