The Community requests clearance


Buenos Aires, March 29th, 2009

In March 28th it was performed the TRAINING GEEKS 09, organized by GeeksHive International and supported by some of the most important IT trademarks in the market. With an attendance that surpassed largely the expectations of the ideologists, the event let a profit balance as regards to transmitted knowledge, interaction of different actors of the Community and level of certifications obtained.

The meeting, the first one of a series that the Community has already programmed throughout Argentina during 2009, had the presence of IBM, Linksys and Gigabyte, referent trademarks in their specialties and active partners of the model, in charge of dissertations on new technologies. The topics aimed at the computer professionals' interests and to the impact generated by their products in the capillary service offered by specialists to thousands IT consumers.

In addition to representatives of the expositors trademarks, it is pertinent to highlight the presence of: Ivan Aliendre, Business Manager of Noganet; Carlos Manzanedo, General Manager of IT site; Matías Perazzo, Executive of Enfasys & Global Media; Hector Larghero and Alejandra Guidobono, Business Manager and Brand Manager of Novatech; Alex Liu, President of Montek; Martín Alejandro Roccisano, Sales and Marketing Director, Kozumi Argentina and María Lila Aiello, Responsible of sales channels, Panda Security, among many others.

"It is going to blow up your head", promised the invitation to this training organized by GeeksHive in the Hotel Cristal Palace of Buenos Aires city. The members of the Community of information-technology specialists and other people interested took note of it and there attended massively and from different cities of the country, about 160 people from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Río Tercero, Villa María, San Francisco Córdoba, Río Cuarto, Rafaela, Resistencia Chaco, Santa Fe Capital, Goya Corrientes, Cutralcó, Neuquén Capital, Villa Regina, Cipolletti Rio Negro, General Roca, West San Antonio, Trelew Chubut, Rio Negro, Bariloche, etc.

The meeting was introduced and moderated by Hernán Sánchez, Director of the Argentinean Technological Institute (ITA, by its Spanish initials), trainer entity that since 2009 participates actively in the proposals born out of the model. Its presence proved to be fundamental at the moment of transmitting basic and essential aspects of the project. It was an extensive 12-hour event (with lunch and Argentina-Venezuela soccer game included), that started at 9 a.m. and ended at 7.30 p.m., with gifts raffles and delivery of official certificates. 

IBM aroused great interest

“I think that I have never talked to so much people wearing sneakers, we are here to amend that mistake”, those were the assertive words with which Diego Lena, Alliance Manager of IBM, introduced Sebastián Galeazza's exposition (IBM - System X Sales Specialist) on TECHNOLOGICAL TENDENCIES, making more than clear the interest provoked today by end consumers in their organization, sectors in which they intend to access through the service specialized of our professional geeks.

Linksys connecting the community

Next it was Linksys's turn, with Mariano Tomalino, Sales Engineer of Cisco, who referred punctually to available technologies for home users, such as 802.11N, switching, power line, UPnP, storage solutions, video surveillance and products of audio. The talk aroused particular interest on behalf of the assistants, that did not linger to ask questions and did not stop registering in their notebooks whatever they listened.

Also, there was a dissertation in charge of Víctor E. Cáceres, Marketing Manager of GeeksHive International, sort of inspiring invitation to communal belonging and a training on basic and advanced uses of the extranet, offered by Sebastián Monzón, Development Director of the Community.

Certifying in Gigabyte

Proceeding with the Training, Hernán Chapitel, South Cone Manager of Gigabyte, exposed an update on motherboards, touching on topics such as nomenclatures, Ultra Durable 3 and Ultra TPM technologies, and a comparison between the offers of the different trademarks of the market. The firm accomplished an evaluation in situ through a questionnaire and delivered certifications to the Geeks with an effectiveness of approximately 100 % of the candidates.

OCA renewed its commitment

Almost at the end of the event, Francisco Suárez, OCA´s Commercial Regional Manager for the provinces of the hinterland, expounded on the services offered by the mail company, the place it occupies in the model and some very advantageous and interesting conditions of the agreement signed with the Community.


The people in charge of GeeksHive International had already anticipated the realization of two new conferences for the Training Geeks 2009, programmed at important cities of the hinterland, and an extra-surprise: “A mega event in snow”.