How can you get involved of GOOD PARENTS IN INTERNET?


In this first stage, all Private Primary and Middle Schools of Argentina can take part in the GOOD PARENTS ON THE INTERNET project.

GeeksHive International performs for the Schools Authorities, gathered by localities, a small presentation with the conditions of the invitation and the Exposition.

It is a single Official Exposition for school, aimed at parents and teachers where certified Geeks of the Geekshive Community inform on the topic: RESPONSIBLE USE OF THE INTERNET.

For the occasion, it is showed a presentation elaborated by a team of professionals of psychology and the education and there are distributed the pertinent graphic materials. At the end of the event there are delivered certificates and there is a raffle of gifts of the sponsor trademarks.

Once this consciousness-raising experience is accomplished, GeeksHive International offers to the different institutions interested educational activities according to the needs and interests aroused by the general topic.


Public schools

They can manifest their interest to organize the meeting at their own institution, in order to which they will have to -apart from deciding alongside GeeksHive a possible date in the 2010 chronogram- follow the procedures to obtain the pertinent governmental authorizations to carry out the activity.


Request Presentation to the following e-mail address: