GeeksHive International
Awareness and Digital Responsibility


1. Synopsis

“Protecting our children on the Internet”.


Good Parents on the Internet is a free educational program, aimed at primary and middle schools, which has for object to capacitate and make parents and teachers aware of the risks and dangers brought by a non-responsible use of Internet.

The project and work schedule -of high social contents and national impact- were entirely developed by GeeksHive International, with the collaboration and support of IAN SOFTWARE PATHFINDING, ITA INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO ARGENTINO (Argentinean Technological Institute) and Arkhé/vmn Corporate Consultant.


2. Educational Meetings

“We chose to lead, not to forbid”.


The Educational Meetings will be instances of work and discussion on issues related with the responsible use of Internet, in charge of professionals of education and psychology, aimed at the educational community in its different levels (authorities, teachers, non-academics, parents, professionals and students).

The use of Internet is global massive nowadays and comprises, for its contents, the pleasures and interests of all ages and social classes. The diversity and scarce control of the information published (texts, music, photos, videos, etc.), every day more accessible and free for anybody who has connection to the net, make it necessary a reflection on the impact and the risks associated to the NON-responsible use of this innovative communication means.

Internet is a wonderful technological and social tool that is becoming more and more necessary and accepted every day. It is used by children, young people and adults of the whole planet. Thus, gradually, it is becoming a priority to bring our children closer to the use of this immense net of knowledge, whose purpose could be the permanent specialization of knowledge and the capitalization of cultural manners based in diversity and the amplitude of social ways. Nevertheless, it is significant to notice that the Internet world resembles the real world a lot; its deregulated use could expose us to serious dangers, similar to the ones of any dark and desolated street of the city. The undesirable circulating quantity of information (in most cases just at one click), the progressive isolation of real social bounds and the virtual contact with unknown people, give us more than one reason to believe that the relation of children with the Internet should be always mediated and guided by mindful and responsible adults, turning this phenomenon and its potential effects, one of the most complex and transcendent issues of the present time.

In order to accomplish these meetings that speak of Internet as a phenomenon, it has been selected the school institution as convener and organizer entity, due to different reasons. Firstly, because schools are places that provide grounds for a spontaneous cultural and social segmentation allowing to approach age brackets according to characteristics and affinities. Secondly, since the biopsychosocial development of children and young people should always be thought in a social environment than enables or restrains learning, that holds or abandons, that facilitates or obstructs. In this respect, family and school are two cornerstone vehicles of interchanges and socializations. That way, we believe that these Institutions should shortly become engaged and critical broadcasters of these problems.